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Natural anti-aging care for mature skin.

Line A by Susanne Kaufmann is an innovation in the field of anti-aging  cosmetics. It is  surprisingly strong and effective and uses only pure and natural ingredients. Line A was inspired by the latest scientific discoveries about the functions of our skin. What can delay the aging of skin? How can the skin be protected against damaging influences? What will restore resilience and freshness to the skin? The most convincing place to find answers to all these questions is in nature. Algae and plants contain a wealth of highly specialized single substances that can directly influence our skin functions. Substances that make it possible for plants to survive under the most extreme climate conditions – such as in the Arctic and high mountains – are particularly rich in useful substances such as the natural cell protection factor ectoine.

We have developed an entirely new kind of natural anti-aging skin care from a blend of these highly active single substances, precious herbal extracts and energy-rich oils, which will fulfill even your highest expectations. You will feel a direct effect even after just one application. The skin appears smoothed, invigorated and revitalized from the inside.

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