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    120 minutes $2,050
    All those lunches on the run, coffees at the desk and heavy business dinners can soon catch up with you! Our detoxing oil's unique blend of cleansing citrus oils possess powerful diuretic properties which will help your body quickly rid itself of toxins and restore your metabolism's optimal balance. Before you leave us, we will further boost your immune system with an efficacious blend of tea tree and eucalyptus oils, which are renowned for their natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial powers.

    90 minutes $1,600
    There are few more joyous – or anxious – times in one's life than preparing to welcome a baby into the world! At farm, we help you focus on the happiness with a specially designed pre-natal treatment and stretch mark massage whose nourishing oils will soothe and smooth your skin and boost your micro-circulation.

    50 minutes $880 / 80 minutes $1,080
    We all feel tired and jaded from time to time. Happily, help is at hand in the form of our specially blended smoothing aromatherapy oils! Renowned for their relaxing and calming properties, our aromatherapy treatments will soothe away big city stresses and rebalance your inner energy levels by restoring your get-up-and-go or simply helping you to enjoy night after night of quality sleep!

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